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Greetings from the Mid-Atlantic area! The weather here? One day it's near 80; the next day it's in the 60's ~ go figure. . . .

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My First Audiobook is in Production

This is exciting!

I never expected to be recording an audiobook ~ but I have connected with several lovely narrators on social media and they have encouraged me to give it a try.

A few short weeks ago I started auditioning and, low and behold, I was awarded TWO books!

The first one is a sweet Amish romance ~ as of this writing I have completed narrating 9 out of the 14 chapters. The second book is what I would describe as a time travel love story. I'll begin working on that later this month.

The authors/editors have been delightful to work with and have been patient as I dip my toes into audiobook narration.

More the come!

I am now fully vaccinated (Yay!) and looking forward to re-connecting with my close circle of friends soon - I hope you are looking forward to the same too!

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